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Why the synchronous generators connected in parallel in the network system have different power factor?..apart from the percentage impedance of the transmission conductors please explain other factors.
Author : Supratim - From: India
Thu, September 29th, 2016 - 12:50
It's related to each generator voltage or reactive power control, If the active power generation of connected generator to grid is constant as the field current is changed, then the distances proportional to the power in the phasor diagram (IA cos θ and EA sin δ) cannot change.  When the field current is increased, the flux φ increases, and therefore EA (=K φ↑ ω) increases. If EA increases, but EA sin δ must remain constant, then the phasor EA must “slide” along the line of constant power, as shown below:

Since Vφis constant, the angle of jXSIA changes as shown, and therefore the angle and magnitude of IA change. Notice that as a result the distance proportional to Q (IAsinθ) increases.
In other words, increasing the field current in a synchronous generator operating in parallel with an infinite bus increases the reactive power output of the generator.
Author : M.S. Jafarpour (Hamid) - From: Iran
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