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Transformer Riddle No.22 - Convertor Transformer
The core clamps seem to be overheating and burning to the base of the transformer. What other tests/ modifications can be done to conclude this problem??
Author : Claudio - From: South African
Tue, June 2, 2009 - 19:33
It is clear, the Dd0 and Dy5 connections are very different in regard to its output current and voltage. Permitted output current of Dy5 connection is 1/1.73 times of Dd0 and it is the technical reason of mentioned overheating.  
Author : Hamid - From: IRAN
Thu, June 25th, 2009 - 11:14
The copnnection of the transformer viz. Ddo or Dy5 does not have anything to do with the emission of gas . The gas emission is due to the decomposition of Oil or Insulation inside the transformer .
The phenomane of gas is primarily due to voltage stress and current stress in the transformer . Considering that the gas comes out even at No-load , there is a voltage stress inside the transformer . Pl check the insulations and the clearnces of dofferent high voltage points to know the source of the gas. This can be attended by improving the insulation .
If the gas comes out only at a partaicular load , then it is a current density or Magnetic heating prooblem , which has to be attended differently .
Author : R K Mohapatra - From: India
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