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Transformer Riddle No.86 - Tank shielding for Power Transformer
Dear Sir,

We have the following problem with tank shielding (i.e magnetic shunts for reducing tank stary losses):

We are fixing the shield with bolts leaving 75-200mm on the taop and bottom portions of the vertical shield without bolting.

We have observed in some of tranformers after commissioning during operation if transformerr gets tripped gasses are generating inside the transformer. After inspection we have found out that portion of the shield which is without bolts is bending towards the high voltage lead.

Can any body tell me what is the reason for bending of tank shielding.
Author : G Sreelatha - From: India
Wed, June 17th, 2015 - 13:34
Dear, G Sreelatha!
I do not know an answer on your question, but i hope you could help me. Our company is looking for a factory to produce tank shieldings for  according to the drawings. Could you tell us some of such companies?
My e-mail is: maria_miheleva@energomash.ru

Thank you in advance. 
Author : Maria Mikheleva - From: Russia
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