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Electrical Test Riddle No.1 - Generator zero inductance test
Please find the final test report of an industrial generator which submitted by an international famous manufacturer for a new production as following. They use a complex and big formula for determination of X0 instead of a simple formula (Q=X0.I20), as you can see below those mentioned formula are equal.
How can you explain the reason of chosen big formula?

X0 = Q/I2 = (E.Sinø) .(E.Sinø)/Q = E2/Q . Sin2ø = E2/Q. 1 / (1+Cotg2ø)

X0= E2/Q . 1 / ( 1+P2/Q2) = E2/Q . Q2/( P2+Q2)


Author : Hamid - From: Iran- Firouzabad in Fars
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