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Wiring Riddle No.7 - Cable Size
I want to hook up a portable generator to my house in case of utility power outage. The lodas are 4 Air conditioners each of 1Ton (6.8Amp), 12 electrical fans, 2 Refrigerators,  and 20 lamps eah of 60Watt.
The generator is single phase, 220V, the rated current is 36Amps, 50Hz, max.power is 8000 watt and the rated power is 6500 watt. .
What will be the suitable cable size required to connect this generator to the home wiring through a disconnect switch?  And what is maximum A/Cs to be running at the same time? in otherwords, what are the appliances to be runnig at the same time?
Author : Khalid Ameen - From: Yemen
Wed, August 24th, 2011 - 12:42
Obviously your important challenge is good load demand estimation for cable sizing. The important step in the planning of low-voltage switchgear installations consists of drawing up a power balance for each distribution point. Here, one needs to consider the following:

– nominal power requirement of consumers,
– short-time power requirement (e.g. motor startup),
– load variations.

The IEC recommendations and DIN VDE standards give no guidance on these factors and point out the individual aspects of each installation. The planners can use the information in Table below for reference. The total power is derived from the sum of the installed individual power consumers multiplied by the requirement factor with the formula:

Author : Hamid - From: Iran - Firouzabad fars
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