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Electrical Riddles No.64 - KVAR Sharing between Cummins ans CAT
To solve a KVAR sharing issue between CAT and Cummins
On my power station, there are 17 Cummins Gensets of 1000 KVA with PCC3100 Panel.
In parallel, there are 4 CAT gensets 3500 electronic injection of 1500 Kva

The CAT are controlled with DEIF GPC controllers. The sharing line KW and KVAR are analog (0-5V)

To share the KW, i installed an ILSI module from Cummins on the KW sharing line between the PCC3100 cummins and the GPC DEIF.
It runs very well.

Now, i have some KVAR sharing problem.

Have you an application about the installation of an ILSI on the KVAR  load sharing line ?

Thank you four your help

Best regards

Daniel Romain
Author : Romain Daniel - From: France
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