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Six No 11kv star connected generators are paralleled with each other on common bus through dedicated bus. Common Low resistor NGR with .... 
Author : Muhammad Waqas - From: Pakistan
Grounding of 3nos  l.v 400v orif it is for m.v 13.8kv generators
is it better to have separated individual earth pit for each gen , better than collecting .... 
Author : mohammed hasssen - From: Egypt
I have seen one video in which a man standing at the top of the train get shock after touching the conductor (man immediately dies) however .... 
Author : Deepak
Explain the Grounding methods and affecting parameters in EHV  UG  cable joints. 
Author : Soman - From: India
Explain the grounding methods of Instrument Transformers in  EHV  Substation 
Author : soman - From: India
I wonder if we can use one NGR for six 9 MW Alternators having 11 kV Gen voltage? can some one help out, how to design/calculate the Resistor value 
Author : Aijaz - From: Pakistani
How do i calculate the number ground rods for different grounding systems? is it possible to make only one grounding system for electrical, equipment, instrumentation and lightning protection grounding? 
Author : Deusdedit malulu - From: Tanzania
We are using grounding transformer of following specs
rated voltage 33 kV, connection Zn(zigzag) , fault current/ph -266.7/30s, Zo=52.7ohms/ph Po=1244 W , Io=0.07 A 
Author : Sunil - From: India
What will be the value of ground fault current?
Say, I have a substation which is fed from a 630kVA, 11/0.433kV, 4% impedance, Dyn11, solidly grounded neutral transformer. ...
Author : Bishu - From: India
Why Neutral is used in Electrical System? 
Author : Fayaz - From: India
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