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Design of protection scheme to detect earth fault and isolate the faulty source in multiple 11kv generators connected to common bus through dedicated breakers. 
Author : Muhammad Waqas - From: Pakistan
What should be the setting of undervoltage in a multifunction relay of incoming 33kv in a 33/11kv substation. The transformer is with a auomatic tap changer controller with T1 = 150 sec and T2 = 10 sec in 85% undervoltage 
Author : Mubarak - From: Tunis
Subject We have 11kv bus for distribution of power. Our breaker no.1 tripped on sensitive earth fault with a fault current of 240amps in CBCT. But with .... 
Author : Indrajeet
Does IEC endorse NFC regarding Early Streamer Emission Arresters?
Recently , I heard that at last ,  IEC confirmed NFC 17 102 Std . Regarding correctness and usage of Early Streamer Emission Surge Arrester . I haven't found any article to confirm it yet .  
Author : PEGAH - From: IRAN
how to calculate MCCB size  for motor load.if there is thumb rule please advice me 
Author : tajuddeen - From: India
Please provide setting calculations for ( GE ) MiFII over current & Earth fault relay. 
Author : Faizullah Bajwa - From: Pakistan
In one of our MCC we have encountered a problem tat whenever there is flashover or any motor burnt, the fuse blows out but .... 
Author : Kailash - From: India
how and why malopration is ocuure? is it advantageable or not 
Author : arslan
how to determine the knee point voltage of ct  for motor differential protection protection? 
Author : Aditya
What is the difference between 5P20 & PS class CT, How to decide which one shall suitable?
Author : Deepak
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