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To set function ANSI 49 for protection of electromotors, motor thermal time constant is needed which should be specified by motor manufacturer. ... 
Author : Mohsen Noori - From: Iran
Why the synchronous generators connected in parallel in the network system have different power factor? 
Author : Supratim - From: India
In a plant electric motors have not been tested regularly for some years, what tests shall be done to evaluate their conditions? 
Author : Mohsen Noori - From: Iran
Why in AC sinsudial wave is come in function generator also,and why we use or draw sinsudial wave instead of square wave or ... 
Author : Naman
Plzzz explain the concept that....In d.c motor the resistance of outer cage is more as compare to inner cage,and the reactance of inner cage is more as compared to outer cage...  
Author : Naman
Plzz explain technically concept means actual meaning in reality of active power,reactive power,and apparent power..  
Author : Naman
Why we use  three phase transmission in present ,instead of 4 phase or above,why we are not use 4 phase and above....  
Author : Naman
if suppose frequency is reduced in a transformer keeping the voltage as same the value of flux will decrease.What will its effect on performance of transformer as in comment about the new kva rating,variable and constant losses,magnetising current etc...!! 
Author : Ketan - From: India
What is subtransient & transient reactances. how it is different than steady state reactances . and why low values will be prefered usually? 
Author : Unknown - From: India
How should we proceed to size a  large storage battery bank  for solar power whose load contains different sizes of lamps,ac,motors etc
Author : sinnadurai sripadmanaban - From: srilanka
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