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IF a fault occurs in which direction does the current flows..neutral to fault or the reverse..please explain 
Author : SUPRATIM - From: Indian
I have referred many books regarding choke design..But I'm not able to design the chokes..i need a clear guidance to develop my design  knowledge. 
Author : Deepak - From: India
Why transformer energy transformation principle is based on electromagnetic or inductive as we have seen two inductors representing primary and secondary. ?.... 
Author : Debabrata Das - From: INDIA
Can you advise what will be the Voltage to Earth on delta side.

The Data is

400/650 STAR / DELTA Dyn11 5.75%
Author : Iqbal - From: UK
Hi How can we size the three phase transformer when we have three different unbalanced loads.  
Author : Iqbal - From: UK
How 20 degree phase possible in transformer which is used for VFD 
Author : Mrithun - From: India
I was working in a transformer manufacturing unit in India as per my company 222va ac 98.25 f 50 maximum flux 0.58 , 3 phase inductor 0.69 mh and .... 
Author : Manoj - From: India
What is the difference between power & distribution transformers, I have heard a lot about it that power transformer designed for max efficiency at  full load and .... 
Author : Deepak
Why we are using only Dy5 vector group for the transformer for Static Excitation System?
Author : Deepak
Two numbers of transformers (1600 KVA & 750 KVA ) are running  in parallel . Bus coupler is inserted in bus for different type operations. ... 
Author : kannan - From: India
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