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Does anyone has an idea how to combine a series a pi-section-elememts of a transmission line (R, XL, C) to a single pi-model? Using only R and X would be easy, but how can I handle the capacitance?
Author : Chris - From: Austria
Differences b/w nominal t method and nominal pi method
Author : Vinod - From: India
What is POTT and PUTT and where these schemes are used i.e. short and long transmission lines. 
Author : Muhammad Faheem - From: Pakistan
Does a man hanging on a high voltage line say 400KV will experience electric shock or not? .... 
Author : deepa k c - From: India
When they close the circuit breaker at the substation at an instant t=0, how long will it take for the power to reach the load terminal located at 1000 Km? 
Author : Sivakumar - From: Tamil Nadu-Chennai
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