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how can i explain microprocessor based speed control of separately excited D.C motor using thyristor? 
Author : pramod kushwaha - From: India
What are the disadvantages to grounding and bonding high voltage AC sources to the same ground as low AC and DC sources (with regards to EMF and eddy currents)?
Author : David Kent
why lacthing current is more than holding current? 
Author : Unknown
Can anyone help me in bi directional DC-DC Converter operating principle with layout, please ? It will be used between 12V(Battery) & 24V (Supercaps)..for my thesis.. 
Author : Bigtheik - From: Myanmar
why generator current is non sinosoidal?? 
Author : Unknown - From: Unknown
1. What is LED Driver?
2. What is it used for?
Author : A.M. Abdilahi - From: Somali
What is the suitable gate drive circuits for MOSFET  single phase Building and how to testing of gate drive circuits on bread board and then on PCB 
Author : Abdi - From: Dubai
I just want to know as fast as possible  how to design power inverter using IGBT gate drive. I want to know the connections also and the diagrames. 
Author : Ismail - From: Somali
I knew about four quadrant operation of series and separately excited motor, but don't know about shunt motor. What should be the changes applied too the field and armature of motor to operate in four quadrants of speed v/s torque???????? 
Author : Abhishek - From: India
Why two thyristor from same manufacturer may not behave in equal manner? Explain the reasons. 
Author : Abhishek Kumar - From: India
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