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Armoured cables  of DG sets  should be glanded at both ends.  Is it make any circulating  currents ??? 
Author : soman - From: India
I need control and power drawing of ATS use with three Contractors, two control eight pin relay, two second base timer and with selector switch and push button switch  for auto and manual. 
Author : Mukunda Dahal - From: nepali
I want to design an ATS using four poles contactors with interlocks and relays to control utility power and a standby source. Could you help me with the diagram? thank you very much for your time. 
Author : Augustine Wakla Neufville - From: Liberia
Sir, why the graphite coating is applied over on the power cables and what purpose, what will be happened if will not be.
Author : ramalingam
Just wondering if you would be able to assist me in a calculation. Ive two separate circuits both rated at 150MVA/656Amps at 132kV at 50Hz. These are both .... 
Author : Anthony
How to connect an auto changeover switch for the generator. I need to connect a 3 phase 300kva generator rated at 100A MCB, which is normally feeding single circuits and few 3 phase appliances.... 
Author : lucky mbambo
I want to ask for help ... who is willing to send me an example of a simple diagram for ATS / AMF single phase and three phase
Author : Yonathan - From: Indonesia
need a schematic diagram of change over(3 phases) with 2 incoming
schema power & control  
Author : kavi narain - From: Mauritius
Had a vendor come out to test a 200 Hp motor and someone allowed him to Hipot our motor feeder that was fed from a size 5 Magnetic motor starter about 200 ft away. ... 
Author : Stephen Alewine
I have problem to make wiring diagram
I need to install manual change over switch from genset
and suply 2 switchgear with 2 ACB and 2 transformer, how to make interlock between ACB and .... 
Author : Hery - From: Indonesia
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