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I want to design an ATS using four poles contactors with interlocks and relays to control utility power and a standby source. Could you help me with the diagram? thank you very much for your time. 
Author : Augustine Wakla Neufville - From: Liberia
Sir, why the graphite coating is applied over on the power cables and what purpose, what will be happened if will not be.
Author : ramalingam
Just wondering if you would be able to assist me in a calculation. Ive two separate circuits both rated at 150MVA/656Amps at 132kV at 50Hz. These are both .... 
Author : Anthony
How to connect an auto changeover switch for the generator. I need to connect a 3 phase 300kva generator rated at 100A MCB, which is normally feeding single circuits and few 3 phase appliances.... 
Author : lucky mbambo
I want to ask for help ... who is willing to send me an example of a simple diagram for ATS / AMF single phase and three phase
Author : Yonathan - From: Indonesia
need a schematic diagram of change over(3 phases) with 2 incoming
schema power & control  
Author : kavi narain - From: Mauritius
Had a vendor come out to test a 200 Hp motor and someone allowed him to Hipot our motor feeder that was fed from a size 5 Magnetic motor starter about 200 ft away. ... 
Author : Stephen Alewine
I have problem to make wiring diagram
I need to install manual change over switch from genset
and suply 2 switchgear with 2 ACB and 2 transformer, how to make interlock between ACB and .... 
Author : Hery - From: Indonesia
we will take the readings of a xlpe cables  insulation resistance  by megger after and before hi pot .we found after hipot reading is less than before .why? 
Author : george.v.sebastian - From: India
what are the recommended test voltages? For hipot test what are the test voltages(ac/dc) for various types of cables(pvc/xlpe/MICC etc) of different rated voltages, ... 
Author : Sinnadurai Sripadmanaban - From: Srilanka
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