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Why m and c terminals are not shorted in reactive power measurement by 1 Wattmeter method? 
Author : Unknown
why pt secondary yellow phase shoud be earthed?
Author : dilip kumar muduli - From: India
let suppose we have one Main distribution board with incoming breaker TP 40A , having two motors 10 kw Each as a load...
Author : Asad Ali - From: Pakistan
Will it affect the accuracy of CT or VT if we connect a lower burden than rated to a CT/VT for tariif meter.  What is the minimum percentage of ... 
Author : Unknown
If we have 4-wire 3 phase or 3-wire 3 phase system (generator), how many CT & PT do we need for Ampmeter, voltmenter, power factor, etc.. measurement?? ... 
Author : Bethy M - From: Vietnam
Can anybody tell me what is the tan delta of XLPE cable and how to measure it? 
Author : Sreelatha - From: India
How we measure the winding length of a bldc motor from a given torque? 
Author : Rizwana Bernard - From: India
what is the knee point of Current Transformer? 
Author : Imranulhaq - From: UAE
Can you simply place an single phase armoured cable through a suitably rated tordial CT and expect to get an accurate measurement? 
Author : Ducktails
what is the difference between accuracy class 0.2 and accuracy class 0.2s ?
Author : Janoffia
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