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how to adjust the mis matching CT in a low impedance transformer differential relay circuit  
Author : Palaniraj - From: Indian
Using a common stabilizer in the incoming of Electrical supply to a house results Energy savings?  
Author : A. Selvakumar - From: India
To solve a KVAR sharing issue between CAT and Cummins
On my power station, there are 17 Cummins Gensets of 1000 KVA with PCC3100 Panel.
Author : Romain Daniel - From: France
why flame is coming when the phase cable connected to neutral cable?
Author : bojanki sankararao
When the capaciotr bank is connected to a system with light load ,why we observe increase in voltage? 
Author : Ashutosh Pailwan
Why phase or positive is controlled in an electrical circuit. why not negative or neutral???.... 
Author : Kanagarajan - From: India
Currently we are installing 11kv, 300mm square cable from our substation to main source and the distance is 16km. ... 
Author : Alex - From: Phil.
Two  generator  sets are operating in parallel.  frequency and voltage  of gen sets is keep slightly more than system frequency . WHY? And also calculation of gen set frequency? 
Author : soman - From: India
Non- Linear loads is more than 50 % of total connected load . Explain the selection of capacitors and also explain the advantages of High and Ultra High duty  capacitors. 
Author : soman - From: India
I was replacing the switch (1-way) controlling the fluorescent lighting in my garage.  The lamps were initially off from the switch but when I switched the circuit off at the MCB to isolate the circuit, .... 
Author : Mike - From: UK
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