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I need some design criteria of grounding system for power generator plant max. capacity 16 MW , 11Kv,
Author : Helmi
Why other country like USA use 60hz .apart from t8 india use 50 hz only?
Author : tarun dasila - From: delhi, india
What defines a variable speed generator, can they be synchronous and asynchronous, as i understand it is that all the term variable speed generator actually means is that the speed can change,...
Author : Chris - From: New Zealand
I was wondering, what would the benefits be in implementing variable speed synchronous generators in a hydro generation scheme (not pumped storage), just the standard dam/river scheme?
Author : Chris - From: New Zealand
What are full scale frequency converters?
Author : Hendrik - From: South Africa
Why doesn't anyone make a single 10MW LPG Generator 900rpm 60hz anymore?
Author : Robert Allen - From: Filipin
I own an old watermill in France.  I am in the process of upgrading the old Francis turbine.  I am thinking of installing a new Single Regulated Kaplan Turbine (variable wicket gate, fixed pitch runner (propeller)). ...
Author : Tony Murtagh - From: Irland - living in France
Can you  relay to me one question? How is transient stability of solar power? Have You document about transient stability solar power?
Author : PhamQuocPhuc - From: Unknown
I do have same power gensets different manufacturers working as standby giving power to inductive load, the two units having two AVR's: the first digital AVR the second is automatic (customer using PF correction units rated 2/3 of the total kva), ...
Author : Safwat - From: Egypt
Which type of machine is more stable, round rotor or salient pole?
Author : Manish Gautam - From: India
I will install 3 gensets unbalanced ····
Author : Carlos Sá - From: Portugal
Grid Voltage remains high in 132kv Grid, ranging ····
Author : Jayanta - From: India
Here's a conceptual design for a new type of AC generator. ...
Author : Everitt - From: Australia
2 MVA Dg set is in running as  syn. motor. Its CB is Faulty and not able to disconnect from the system.How it can be stopped and explain?
Author : Unknown - From: India
Can some please explain the old excitation systems not the static type I have come across some a 1930 generators that have dc exciter on them with brushes and slip ring connections to the main rotor, ....
Author : Grant - From: New Zealand
Why the Generators are mostly star connected why they are not delta connected?
Author : Ikhan - From: UK
what should be happened in generation unit full-load rejection conditions?
Author : Unknown
What are the technical study/ies to formulate solutions for new generation and demand connection/s on the transmission system
Author : Ikhan - From: UK
Can an 11KV/400V Transformer be used in a country where the Line to Line voltage is 380V? How may the LV side be set to 380V? HV side taps are 11275V, 11,000 and 10725V. Thanks.
Author : Robert Spiteri - From: Malta
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