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If you have faced with a case that needs conferring during your work or studies, you can submit it here as a "New Riddle" and we'll show it in your name. Notice: Site owners have the right to accept a riddle or not, or make a little changes in submited riddles.
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What is the purpose of soakpit in HV electrical substations?. what is its significance in reation to climatic conditions of the area(desert,little rain,heavy rain)?
Author : Sinnadurai Sripadmanaban - From: Srilanka
Substation with 3200 A bus , What is the fault current?
Author : A Selvakumar - From: India
I would like to know what the regulatory requirements are for Fire detection/protection in EDF sub-stations.
Author : Andy Cheary - From: Unknown
What is substation reliability? How can we evaluate and improve the substation reliability?
Author : unknown
Calulation  and design of Earth mat in  400 kV substations.
Author : soman - From: India
Give details,advantage & disadvantage of Fire-resistant & Fire-resilient Substation building
Author : Prse - From: India
how can i calculate short circuit currents to select t circuit breakers for substation?
Author : michael - From: Ethiopi
What is the detailed principle of Nitrogen Injected Fire Protection System for Power Transformer?
Author : Sandeep Gautam - From: India
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