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How can I calculate the battery short circuit current? I just access to discharge curve which is issued by battery manufacturer.
Author : Mohammad Hosain - From: Iran
For selection the number of cell of battery in 220vdc system there is two ways one way consider 108 cells another way consider 110 cells; which one is preferred?
Author : Madjidi - From: Iran
How do we measure the DC current if the ammeters are not working?
Author : Siaga TC - From: south africa
In Substation they using ungrounded DC system...
either +ive line is opened or earth faulted the 220 V dc comes by -ive line. how 220V comes?
Author : Manikandan.K - From: India
The "electrode line " , is insulated from metal transmission towers in HVDC Transmission . At earth potential , this electrode line  can have high voltage on it at  load conditions. ...
Author : donaldelectrician - From: usa
q1) 14.4 volt battery connected in series with current of 2 amp and load resistance of 1 ohm.what is the internal resistance?
Author : amit
how can i explain microprocessor based speed control of separately excited D.C motor using thyristor?
Author : pramod kushwaha - From: India
Why does the voltage drop occurs in dc shunt motor? I have faced issues regarding battery charger...please explain is there anything ...
Author : SUPRATIM - From: India
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