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If you have faced with a case that needs conferring during your work or studies, you can submit it here as a "New Riddle" and we'll show it in your name. Notice: Site owners have the right to accept a riddle or not, or make a little changes in submited riddles.
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Are there any hazardous interference (induced voltages) between power line and vicinity metallic structures or any recommendation about it?
Author : Shahroz - From: Iran
Consultant team of an industrial power network recommended installation of suitable interconnection between mentioned distributed generation unit and national grid for stability evaluation of industrial electrical system.
Author : Hamid - From: Iran- Firouzabad in Fars
How can we produce the artificial corona?
Author : Ebrahim - From: Iran-Arak
Please explain the difference between dead tank & live tank type CTs with relative merits/demerits and constructional difference.
Author : V.K. Nambiathiri - From: India
How does the temperature of the surroundings affect the voltage of something?
Author : Jen - From: Canada
The Main voltage  Transformer associated with the High Voltage system  is not provided with a broken delta secondary windings to ....
Author : soman - From: India
What is a five Limb Voltage Transformer and what is being used  in  a circuit ?
Author : soman - From: India
I am facing a problem of high voltage arcing in vacuum. Please guide how can i avoid this? The voltage (DC power supply) is 1KV. Current value is 2mA. The distance between ....
Author : Sana Aslam
When is it advised to use individual or common driving mechanism for HV Breakers poles?
Author : Bams - From: Congo
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