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What requirements and criteria shall be considered in choosing of power switchboard ventilation system?
Author : Farzad - From: Iran
I have heard about limitation temperature rise for switchboard busbars in continuous operation duty as 80˚C which shall be considered for busbar sizing, is there any reason for it?
Author : Nima - From: Iran
When and why are the four pole circuit breakers used as outgoing feeder in switchgears?
Author : Arash - From: Iran
What is purpose of anti pumping relay?
Author : Roy - From: India
What is current chopping phenomenon? In which type of circuit breaker (SF6 or VCB) it is more severe?
Author : Glavizh - From: Iran-Mahabad
I have a three phase - 4 poles ELCB (earth leakage circuit breaker), can I use it for protection of single phase circuit?
Author : Neda - From: Iran
Many years ago when I worked in new power plant site for doing of auxiliary system commissioning, we fronted a wonder accident in low voltage switchgear.
Author : Hamid - From: Iran- Firouzabad in Fars
Operation group of an industrial network as illustrated figure below decide to replace one of incoming circuit breaker of main distribution switchgear which failed due to a problem in its control mechanism.
Author : Hamid - From: Iran- Firouzabad in Fars
How to calculate the suitable busbar according to temperature rise
Author : Ikhan - From: Pakistan
How can we choose suitable contact resistance for an electrical connection?
Author : abbas - From: Iran-shiraz
what is the maximum load a  11kv load isolator can carry with it interrupter heads?
Author : Samuel Henaku - From: Ghana
A 11 Kw drive having no I/C and O/G choke, at full load, measured current before drive and after drive are 2A and 30A respectively, why this abnormality? ...
Author : Manirul islam - From: India
I'm doing Shake Flashlight which uses the principle of Faraday's Law (magnetic induction). My question is: How can i add a voltage sensor which can measure the voltage of the capacitor and than resets the resistor automatically which is connected 2V LED. ...
Author : khaliil
What are the characteristics of various types(B,C,D etc)of MCBs available,applications (types of load) resistive,capacitice,motor,welding etc as well as duty types(intermittant,continuous periodic etc)....
Author : Sinnadurai Sripadmanaban - From: Srilanka
Hi frnds
Tell something abt contact multiplication relay
Author : S.Jensiline - From: India
What is a 4 pole ELCB oprating working principle? ...
Author : ASAD ALI - From: Pakistan
what is the meaning of low inductive current in current chopping?
Author : karthi . k
Name plate details of  1250 Amps SF6 Breaker in  110 kV Sus- station - is seen  Out of phase Breaking Current is 10 kA. May please be explain  Out of phase Breaking  current in the Switch gears.
Author : soman - From: India
What is mean by first pole clear factor regarding High Voltage Switchgear.What is it limiting value
Author : Syam Murari - From: India
How we can connect a portable generator up til 6.5 KVA to the home load with local company power supply. Please send diagrams for a Auto controller with ...
Author : Mushtaq Ahmed - From: Pakistan
which method is best for switching tha Neutral - 3 pole Auto transfer switch with overlapping neutral cont actors OR 4 pole auto transfer switch ? Explain.
Author : Soman - From: India
please explain fast bus transfer & slow bus transfer in thermal power plants?
Author : aditya - From: India
On Checking for trip circuit healthy during breaker charged condition the circuit breaker got tripped why?
Author : soham - From: India
I was wondering if anyone could assist me in developing a 3 source ATS diagram which includes solar, local utility, and genset for a 10kW system (home). The ATS will have ...
Author : Geoff
What is the mean of first pole clear factor in GIS. please explain with example.
Author : Engr. Ghulam Yaseen - From: Pakistan
Why we does not merge the neutral earthing with body earthing?
Author : Thilak Raja - From: India
What is the criteria or norm for a circuit breaker to have double trip coil?
Author : Julio Navas - From: Venezuela
Please explain Circuit Breaker Supervision?
Author : Irshad Ahmed - From: Pakistani
Sir, please describe me how the trip command to be given for the anti pumping function in the breakers (MV). For cross checks, i given the trip command via ....
Author : ramalingam
I need to install MV switchgear with two incoming feeder and the switchgear for MV capacitor banks. what is procedure to chose the proper switchgear?
Author : sambath - From: Cambodia
can you please share some literature regarding a fuse arcing.. what is? Why is happening? How can avoid the arcing on a fuse?  the operating system is  60Amp. 1000 Volts.
Author : Nellly Diaz
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